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coach driver wanted


5 months with just a few days work but trying to stay posotive that i still have a future after 42 years of coach driving 

July Work

Been a very busy season so far working for Coach miles on Trafalger Eastern.Lot calls for extra work which i was able to pass on to a couple good freelancers,Seeview,Klarners.
Travelstar.heavy month of back to back tours then end of the month an Alpha tour for seview before a few months back at Shearings and off to Italy

nov freelance driver update

Calming down a bit just a couple private hires plus a David Urquart and finish with a Torquay for Eastons,School job Monday to Strassbourg before brugge flyer to finish

Winter Work

Few days off before new client and coach doing David Urquart tours .few bookings already for ski work up until April .Been a good year in my second year of trading and offers already coming in for 2015

Oct work

Months work for Eastons holidays.This week out in Lake Garda with the Latest addition to there fleet Izar i6beautiful machine 14.2m long .Next week IOW before a week in Spain with the School

sept oct

Flat out at the moment till end of Oct now taking bookings for Nov Dec Jan .Couple ski jobs for Jan Feb already so things going well. Having to turn work away which is unfortunate but advance booking is working out. 

latest work

Been a busy 6 weeks with a mixture of UK and euro tours from school groups to tourists.1 trip to Bavaria  then home for a couple weeks rest .Busy couple months then down in Italy till Oct

Latest work

Hebridean adventure tour going well at present.Dunoon next then back to back tours to Eastbourne ,Kent,Llanduno so a nice set of steady tours before i start back on the euro tours.06 manuel coach is a nice change from the auto,s.couple free weeks in Aug so time for a break from Living the dream

June and new contract

New contract with Eastons coaches or Norwich which is nice and steady 7 tours around the UK and Scotland so a change from the long drives of this last month.Had to  turn a number of tours away due to the advance bookings i had but as i near the endd of my first year as a freelance driver i have enjoyed and know i made the right decision in turning down the full time jobs i was offerd.Still living the dream

freelance coach driver

31 May new tour 13 day Tuscany and Umbria  .Start new 6 weeks contract for Eastons coaches Doing UK and Europe .Then looking for new clients for Aug onwards .living the dream still
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